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15 September 2020

Industrial Park Management Will Join the Project on Donetsk, Luhansk, and Azov Regions Industrial Potential Recovery

Experts of Industrial Park Management became a part of an expert group on industrial real estate development, who will support the development of industrial parks concepts and their further implementation in Eastern Ukraine.

Kyiv, September 15, 2020. — Experts from the management company Industrial Park Management have started the work within the framework of the project ‘Foundation of Best Practices for the Development of Industrial Parks and Industrial Real Estate in Eastern Ukraine’. The project will facilitate recovery of the industrial potential of Donetsk, Luhansk, and Azov regions. The result of the project will become viable concepts for the development of industrial parks and industrial real estate, implemented in practice. This project became possible due to the support of the USAID Economic Support to Eastern Ukraine Project (USAID Project).

The duration of the project shall be eight months — from September 2020 to April 2021. The project is administered by GoLOCAL.


International donors consider the industrial parks and industrial real estate development as one of the tools to achieve sustainable industrial development and to increase the region’s competitive advantages. In the framework of the project, we will work closely with entrepreneurs, local authorities, NGOs, and other parties interested in the industrial development of Eastern Ukraine,» Igor Komendo noted the Director of NGO GoLOCAL.

The project will consists of four stages. The first stage is educational one. It provides a three-day course on industrial real estate development to be held in the cities of Mariupol, Severodonetsk, and Kramatorsk for 90 participants — business representatives, local authorities, and NGOs. The representatives of the management company Industrial Park Management to be the trainers and experts of the project. The experience of the company’s specialists is based on the expertise of the industrial real estate with a total area of more than 600 thousand square meters.


Our specialists have up-to-date knowledge and experience in development, including the design and construction of industrial premises for various industries. We have developed a three-day course that will help attendees to understand better the technical, financial, regulatory, and marketing aspects of industrial real estate. At the end of the course, participants will be able to apply the received knowledge to develop business concepts of new industrial parks and industrial real estate, or to refine existing ones. We will also provide consulting assistance on the integration of business ideas into project proposals,» Andriy Ropitskiy, Head of Business Development of Industrial Park Management, said.

The second stage of the project consists of visits to the industrial parks in Ukraine and Serbia. The purpose of such visits is to gain knowledge regarding the practical aspects of industrial real estate development, financing, marketing and work with clients, local and state authorities. Project participants will get the opportunity to study the work of industrial parks (IP), in particular Bila Tserkva IP (Ukraine), MIND (Serbia), and others.


Bila Tserkva Industrial Park is a participant in the Global Program for the Development of Eco-Industrial Parks (UNIDO) in Ukraine. Our experience may be useful for the development of industrial real estate in Eastern Ukraine. I am sure that the project participants will get a deep knowledge in regards of real estate development, as well as an understanding how the development of industrial parks can become a tool for economic growth in the region,» Volodymyr Khmurych, CEO of Bila Tserkva Industrial Park, said.

The third and fourth stages of the grant project are practical one. Experts will analyze the conditions of the market and prospects for the development of industrial parks and industrial real estate in Eastern Ukraine and will work with the concepts of industrial parks developed in the region and will provide practical advice on their improvement.


Our task is to provide recommendations for eliminating the weaknesses of each concept, its improvement, and further implementation by the authors. We need to prepare better proposals for their further financing and incorporation into the strategies of economic development of the cities,» Andriy Ropitskiy, Head of Business Development of Industrial Park Management, said.

The measures envisaged by the project will build the foundation for the effective development of local businesses, new industries, and the region’s economy. The results of the experts’ work will be presented at the final event for stakeholders in Mariupol, Severodonetsk, Kramatorsk.

Entrepreneurs, representatives of industrial enterprises, local governments, business associations, and non-profit organizations of Luhansk, Donetsk, and Azov regions are invited to participate in the project. Learn more about the project at the link.

Foundation of Best Practices for the Development of Industrial Parks and Industrial Real Estate in Eastern Ukraine


The Industrial Park Management LLC company is founded in 2016 as managing company of the Bila Tserkva 1 and Bila Tserkva 2 industrial parks. The company is uniting qualified specialists in the field of industrial real estate. During the years of operations 19,4 ha of land was sold and passed on for construction. About 16,4 ths sq. m. of industrial and warehouse real estate is commissioned and under construction. Electric, gas, and water supply of the large infrastructure facilities in Kyiv and Kyiv region was completed.

The company provides land management, off-site and on-site utility services, general designer and general contractor as well as managing industrial parks services. Also, it provides brokerage and due diligence services of industrial and logistics (warehouse) real estate. The company also provides legal support for real estate permissions getting, documentation execution, including construction permission and commissioning certificate services.

Industrial Park Management LLC belongs to UFuture company group.

The purpose of the Bila Tserkva Industrial Park is the development of modern industrial production in Ukraine. The park offers industrial land with all engineering infrastructure and ready-made modern production, logistics and storage facilities for rent or purchase. Knowledge and extensive experience in real estate development allows the park team to provide the client with a range of services and services for efficient production arrangement.

The total area of the Bila Tserkva Industrial Park is more than 70 hectares. Its key difference is focus on creating of ecosystem and clusters (production, logistics, and others). This approach enables clients to establish supply chains, reduce production lead time and costs.

As of the beginning of 2020, six companies are residents of the industrial park. The industrial park belongs to UFuture projects.

GoLOCAL is a non-governmental organization established in 2015, which promotes and implements the principles of sustainable development in Ukraine. GoLOCAL develops and implements projects that bring sustainable approaches and solutions for regional development, promote cooperation between local authorities, civil society, business, and international donor organizations. One of the priority areas of activity of the organization is the implementation of projects aimed at the economic recovery of Eastern Ukraine.

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