Benefits of doing business in Ukraine

Advantages of doing business in Ukraine

Ukraine – the production hub of Europe

The most profitable platform in Europe
Qualified manpower: 130,000 talents graduate from engineering schools every year
Average monthly salary in the sector lower than in China, Thailand, India, Vietnam and Indonesia
16 free trade agreements with 45 countries, including the EU
No. 1 agricultural producer (sunflower seeds and oil, corn, wheat, milk and cheese)
One of the biggest industrial producers in the world (iron ore and steel)

Investment appeal

Government support for the establishment and operation of industrial parks implies:

  • subsidies from the State Fund of the Regional Development;
  • exemption from charges on the equipment and components that are not manufactured in Ukraine and, therefore imported for the conduct of business within the industrial park;
  • preferential rates (up to 0%) on the goods originating from the WTO member states or countries having bilateral or regional agreements with Ukraine for the most favored nation treatment;
  • VAT exemption on the imported energy-saving equipment and materials;
  • exemption from participation in improvement of the local infrastructure;
  • exemption from investments in the authorized capital.
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Top European countries by number of engineering graduates, thousand people
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Unemployment rate
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Basic tax rates

CIT rates in CEE countries
Period: 2018
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Taxes payable by employees
Personal Income Tax Rate — 18%
Social Security Tax Rate — 22%
Military tax — 1,5%
VAT rate in CEE countries, %
Period: 2018
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Support of investment projects

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Investment projects aiming to create new jobs may be eligible for the government support

Depending on the type of project and the scope of funding, the government support may include:

a) co-funding from the state budget;

b) state guarantees for debt financing of the investment facility or project;

c) loan-based funding of the investment project;

d) full or partial refund of the interest paid on the loan-based funding of the investment project.

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Пріоритетні галузі інвестування

Government Support of Agriculture includes partial refund of the amounts paid for agricultural machinery and/or equipment. Agricultural producers may be eligible for special tax treatment and reduced land tax rates.
Design and production of equipment
Producers may obtain funding from the Invention Support Fund organized by the Ministry of Economic Development or by way of the investment and innovation project bids.
International reform support
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