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70 ha total industrial area
235 400 m2 total area of industrial and warehouse buildings
30 facilities under the construction plan
4100 сreation of new workplaces

Industrial Park today

35 MW electrical grid capacity
2 200 m3/24h water supply and sewage discharge
8 300 m3/h gas networks capacity

Our offers


Sale and lease of land plots for development

The land is privately owned by an industrial park. The subdivision proceeds in accordance with the needs of the customer, taking into account the approved land plan, the industrial park development concept and the sanitary protection zones of the existing and prospective production facilities. The utilities are installed up to the customer’s boundary lines.

Turnkey construction for business needs

Design and building of the facility to meet the customer’s needs. On-site and off-site utilities, motorways and a rail track within the industrial park or the customer’s land plot. Equipment installation and hook-up. The customer participates in selection of project solutions and contractors, and shall control the construction. If and whenever necessary, scaling shall be done on the design stage.

Finished facilities

Newly built, modern production facilities 500 sq. m to 30,000 sq. m big and offices no smaller than 20 sq. m. The buildings are in line with applicable laws, best global practices and international environmental and energy efficiency standards. An option for detachment of a part of a building and configuration of the premises to meet the needs of the customer.

Scaling services

Commercial accelerator for SME. Assistance in attraction of investments and credits. Package services to the industrial park residents (permits and licenses, “one-stop-shop” administrative services, LEAN, staff recruitment, security). Selection and due diligence of the land plots and industrial facilities, warehouses, etc.

Investment Opportunities

We suggest joint investments or marketing of modern industrial and logistical boxes built-to-suit. The projects imply high rates of return and guaranteed repayment of investments. The portfolio of projects and the investment terms are negotiable individually.


Bila Tserkva
Industrial Park Advantages
Convenient location
  • To Kyiv
    75 km
  • To international highway
    0,5 - 1,5 km
  • To the city center, educational, medical and social institutions
    4 km
  • To international airport (IEV)
  • To the EU border
Industrial Park Advantages
Labor force
  • 310 000 people
    Population of Bila Tserkva with suburbs.
  • 150 000 workforce
    Skilled labor and professionals.
  • 9 000 unemployed
    Unemployment according to ILO.
  • 12 000 students
    16 high education institutions and vocational schools.
  • The biggest market of highly qualified labor force
    IT-professionals, engineers and technicians and staff.
Industrial Park Advantages
  • 90 ha of agriculture land
  • Sand and ballast pits
  • Production of building structureы and materials
  • Cropping and cattle breeding
  • Forestry and wood processing
Industrial Park Advantages
Industrial platform
  • Industrial land in private ownership with all needed utilities
  • Zoning that meets clients needs
  • Built-to-suit with on-site utilities
  • Clusters and supply chains
  • Accesability to the largest consuming and real estate market in Ukraine
Industrial Park Advantages
Comprehensive support
  • Support in business launch and scalling up. Investments.
  • Permissions and administrative support with single window approach
  • Equipment mounting and production launch
  • Managing company’s services
  • HR services
  • Consulting on LEAN


About us
The goal of the Bila Tserkva Industrial Park is to create an ecosystem and clusters. What makes this kind of approach particularly valuable for the customers is that it implies establishment of supply chains, expedited completion of the orders, optimized production costs, supply of raw materials, vicinity of the market outlets, convenient logistics and a free labor market. Joining the ecosystem may become the major driver and the growing point of the customers’ businesses.
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