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23 June 2020

Industrial Park Management Supports Manufacturing Companies in Business Transformation

One of the consequences of rapidly changing economic situation is reassessment of real estate role in solving urgent business objectives. The optimal strategy for manufacturing companies can be business transformation with optimization of cost and asset structure to overcome the crisis. Having the completeness of information on the state of real estate accounted by an enterprise, it is easier for business to make a decision on how to use it more efficient.

Kyiv, June 23, 2020. — The Industrial Park Management company announces the start of a strategic and operational consulting program — the Managing Industrial Properties (MIP). This program will contribute to the quality development of the industry and will help enterprises to effectively manage the industrial real estate and achieve business goals.

Andriy Ropitskiy, Head of Business Development of the full-cycle development company Industrial Park Management, with management team analyze the current trends and provide counselling services to clients on how to avoid common mistakes in the management of industrial property.


From March to June 2020 the recession of demand for products and logistics is being observed. In some sectors the depth of the fall reaches up to 70%, compared with the same period of the previous year. Consequently, on the balance sheet of enterprises there are assets that require regular operating costs and even investments, but do not generate any profit. Our aim is to assist manufacturing companies in adaptation to new economic conditions. We perform a comprehensive expert examination of industrial real estate for enterprises. Such approach can be called “antifragile”. Its implementation allows to manage key risks and develop resistance to adverse economic events,» Andriy Ropitskiy said.

The expert examination is performed in three stages. At the first stage the legal due diligence is conducted. Land and real estate legal documents are assessed to determine their status and designated purpose. The second stage is focused on the technical expertise of buildings, facilities and utilities. An engineering-geological and geodetic surveying can be made optionally. At the third stage financial, economic and accounting expert examinations are performed, financial sufficiency and stability of an asset owner is determined. The program as a whole simplifies the exploitation of real estate, infrastructure, and networks, contributes to eliminate risks and to reduce the volume of utilities consumption.


Structuring and asset management determines the long-term perspective of business and its value. Our program will be interesting, in particular, for production companies of machine building, mechanical engineering and chemical industries. Also, for enterprises of the pharmaceutical, metal- and wood-processing, textile and food industries. The value of the offer is a resources unleashing for the business management, its further development and scaling up,» Andriy Ropitskiy noted.


The Industrial Park Management LLC company is founded in 2016 as managing company of the Bila Tserkva 1 and Bila Tserkva 2 іndustrial parks. The company is uniting qualified specialists in the field of industrial real estate. During the years of operations 19,4 ha of land was sold and passed on for construction. About 16,4 ths sq. m. of industrial and warehouse real estate is commissioned and under construction. Electric, gas, and water supply of the large infrastructure facilities in Kyiv and Kyiv region was completed.

The company provides land management, off-site and on-site utility services, general designer and general contractor as well as managing industrial parks services. Also, it provides brokerage and due diligence services of industrial and logistics (warehouse) real estate. The company also provides legal support for real estate permissions getting, documentation execution, including construction permission and commissioning certificate services.

Industrial Park Management LLC belongs to UFuture company group.

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