The Chinese delegation visited Bila Tserkva on June 17. Its members included Ambassador of China to Ukraine Du Wei, China’s Trade Representative in Ukraine Liu Jun, diplomats from the embassy and the trade mission. The founder of UFuture Investment Group, Vasyl Khmelnytsky, showed the guests the prospects of business development in Ukraine using the example of his own projects: the delegation visited the Biopharma pharmaceutical plant, the Plank Electrotechnic plant of wiring systems, and the Bila Tserkva industrial park.

Vasyl Khmelnytsky told how the park develops small and medium business in Bila Tserkva: «We take small Ukrainian companies, innovative and capable, that have a sales market, give them additional resources and together with them build factories. From cooperation with China, in addition to equipment, we receive a transfer of technology, people and knowledge. Knowledge is what we lack most of all.»

Andriy Brynzylo, the director of the industrial park, presented the prospects for the development of the park in Bila Tserkva, told about the competitive advantages. As residents, the park invites companies mainly from the light industry, such as clothing and footwear production, agrarian goods processing, pharmacology, and furniture production.

In China, industrial parks became the basis for reforming the national economy 40 years ago. The state adapted the model of industrial parks to its cultural specifics, having overcome a number of difficulties on the way to success. Based on their own experience, the guests are confident that Ukraine is moving in the right direction, while the Bila Tserkva industrial park confirms this.

«Now our companies are actively cooperating with Ukraine, investing in it, but I’m sure that Chinese companies will create joint projects for investment, in particular in industrial parks like Bila Tserkva,» the Ambassador of China said.

The diligence of the Chinese people and the ability to work a lot are called «the Chinese miracle». Such traits are typical for Ukrainians too. Therefore, hard work and right investments is the key to the success of the Bila Tserkva industrial park.