«Bila Tserkva» industrial park is now listed on the register of Ukrainian industrial parks. There are 31 industrial park registered since 2014. They get exemption from municipal infrastructure tax and some custom duties on imported purpose-designed equipment and components. Such government support helps increase the competitiveness of Ukrainian products and the national economy, increase export and revenues to the state budget.

«Bila Tserkva» industrial park started its development in 2016. The company plans to attract MUSD 100 of investments, create 3000 workplaces, and double wage level in the region. The park offers partnership to companies from automotive, metal, and wood industries, manufacturers of clothing, furniture, and food products, other modern manufacturing and logistics companies.

«Ukraine is gradually accepting the experience of European countries, where industrial park is an effective tool for attracting investments. We offer package solutions and treat each client individually. One of our advantages is the focus on innovative production using advanced technologies and best practices. This is based on experience of implementing architecturally and technically unique projects by UDP, our founding company», – says CEO “Bila Tserkva” industrial park Andrei Brynzylo.

Starting 2018, the park is working on a joint textile production project with “Boy & Girl” company, and is actively negotiating five more high-technology projects. In addition to the state support, Bila Tserkva industrial park offers additional benefits for its partners. Location in the centre of Ukraine puts it close to the major international and regional routes, Bila Tserkva’s commercial and social infrastructure, and a large market of skilled and reasonably priced workforce. Also utility networks and support by local and central authorities will accelerate planning and construction of facilities.

“Bila Tserkva” industrial park invites investors and entrepreneurs to cooperation. For all questions please contact us at (044) 364 78 89 or info@ip-bt.com.